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A guest-house with an atmosphere of intimacy and full of feeling right next to the gate of the historical inner-city opening to Vienna

Bástya PanzióThe Bástya guest house was built next to a little bastion of the outer wall of the fortress when Sopron was 700 years old.
The name originates from here since bástya means bastion The two-storey building is located at the gate of the historical inner-city opening to Vienna, just at the crossroads of Bécsi Street and Patak Street on the low-hill of Koronázó Domb.
A guest at the pension can reach the inner-city within a 5-minute walk, where he or she can admire the Gothic and Renaissance buildings and inner-yards.
Walking down Patak Street you can easily get to the bus-station and farmers? market also within 5 minutes. From here you can get on both local buses and long-distance coaches. In Sopron we would rather you took strolls on foot or by bus, because by doing so you can visit and pop in at the famous wine-cellars on your way.
The best-known Sopron wine is Blue-frank (Kékfrankos), which is mostly produced by the Poncichters with German origin.
This nickname comes from their old habit: They used to grow beans between vine-stocks so that they utilize the soil in a more economical way.